New gear release by Outtox

September 08, 2020

Outtox company is glad to present you the new collection of fetish gear!

Studying the preferences and taking into consideration the wishes of our customers we in Outtox decided to create extra items to satisfy all the desires.

The new gear is kinkier, for the most adventurous and risky, for the real fighters and winners. It is for you.

Wanna be the most open-minded and uncovered in your company? Our open-pouch jocks are the best choice for you.

Love brave combinations and outstanding decisions? Try our new harness-top. It makes a perfect fit with briefs or shorts. And even wearing itself with no more gear, you will look the most different and desirable one.

The brand new low-rise jockstraps are made for you to highlight your muscular abs.

Discover the new Outtox collection and find the new gear no one has yet. Be the first, be the winner, be Outtoxer.